Two years after launching the Great Aussie Swim Parka, we have now introduced a version for babies!

Our baby swim parkas are designed specifically for babies, they too can now enjoy the benefits of their own parka after swimming.

This bag like design can be laid out on the grass or change table ready to be zipped up around your baby.

They will stay warm and cosy in their towel lined parka as you carry them to the car. The baby parka includes an opening for seat belts so the babies can go from their swim lesson, into their parka, straight to the car seat with ease. The specially treated outer shell will keep your car seats dry!

Just like the original swim parkas, the baby version also has a two way zipper. In summer if it’s a little warmer, you can open up the bottom of the parka to let in some fresh air!

Come winter, you can continue swimming knowing that you have ensured that your baby will be comfortable. They will stay warm wrapped up in their parka and most importantly, the hood will keep their ears warm as you carry them outside to the car.

Swim lessons are great fun and such an integral part of the Aussie way of life so why not make the experience easier with a Great Aussie Swim Parka. Don’t hesitate, order yours now.